Before you pull that trigger…

I have to explain and disclaim:

This blog is all my opinion and does not represent the views of Te Papa (so don’t get all anti-Te Papa if I make you mad from what I write. You can tell me if you get tetchy tho, we’ll still be mates).

G Rated – I won’t be using any swear words on here (possibly surprising for those who know me in real life) and if comments get a bit ripe, I’ll be getting delete-ninja on it. So the dealio is, I no swear, you no swear.

This is by no means a polished journal/conference paper type of medium, I’ll probably be whacking things out as fast as I type. So my language will be a bit casual (but not slack). Just thought I should tell you that in case you think I’m trying to affect a literary Alan Duffesque ironical tone of voice. Kao, I’m typing how I would talk to you in real life.

The taonga I might pick to talk about here will be things that I find curious, unusual and/or mysterious. For those type of blogs, I invite any comment or community researchers to throw ideas at me if you can help identify.

ps. Steven Spielberg, please do not sue me for riffing my title off your movie. It’s not me cutting your lunch, it’s supposed to be an ohm-arge.


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